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Timelapse videos - Beautiful Finnish nature

Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019 timelapse:

Super Blood Wolf Moon 21st January 2019 in Gallträsk, Kauniainen. This timelapse video was filmed in about -20°Celsius with Panasonic AG-DVC200.
Parzival (William Rosati)
Etherial Choir Ascends (Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions).
Sunset timelapse Finland, Valkeakoski:

Sunset Finland, Valkeakoski, Sääksmäen silta. Filmed in August 2015.


Another sunset and moon timelapse at Sääksmäen silta, Finland, Valkeakoski

Filmed in August 2015.


Supermoon lunar eclipse 2015 timelapse

Blood Moon 28th September 2015, Finland. Weather was mostly cloudy.


Sunset timelapse Finland, Valkeakoski, Korkeakangas

Filmed in August 2015.


Sunset timelapse Finland, Valkeakoski, Korkeakangas / Zoom Q4

Filmed in August 2015 with Zoom Q4. 



















































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